What's in boise idaho?

Boise is the capital of Idaho. The Boise River Green Belt is a series of trails and parks dotted with trees that hug the water's edge.

What's in boise idaho?

Boise is the capital of Idaho. The Boise River Green Belt is a series of trails and parks dotted with trees that hug the water's edge. In an art deco building, the downtown Boise Museum of Art has contemporary works and an outdoor sculpture garden. The magnificent Sandstone State Capitol Building of Idaho is nearby.

Old Idaho Penitentiary contains 19th century cells and pitchforks, plus historic military weaponry. The Boise Museum of Art features a collection of contemporary art and exhibits located on Julia David Drive. The museum began as the Boise Art Gallery in 1938, and the building was expanded in 1973 to include more than 10,000 square feet. After another expansion in 1997, the current facility is 34,800 square feet in size.

In addition to its main building, the museum has an education wing, a sculpture yard, a museum store and more. The Boise Museum of Art is one of the best things to do in Boise, Idaho for art lovers. There are temporary exhibitions in addition to the permanent collection, and the museum offers a variety of programs and hosts many special events. Located on West Myrtle Street, Discovery Center of Idaho is an interactive science center that seeks to inspire people to take an interest in engineering, mathematics, science and technology.

There are about 200 exhibits in the center. Some of these include the bubble wall, the centripetal wheel, and the turbulent orb. Boise is situated on the spectacular Boise River, and is also home to the Boise River Green Belt, where you'll find a large protected area of lush greenery, or if you prefer something more urban, you can stroll through local markets and eclectic art galleries in the city center. The Boise River Green Belt is actually a park area that stretches over 25 miles and follows the idyllic banks of the Boise River.

For art lovers, you can't miss a visit to the Boise Museum of Art. The museum first opened in the 1930s and now covers more than 30,000 square feet, including the main museum area, an educational center, an outdoor sculpture garden and a museum store. Barber Park is located along the banks of the Boise River and is located near downtown Boise. The Boise Zoo is known in the local area as a zoo that is home to a large number of species for visitors to enjoy.

Northeast of Boise is the Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Center, which first opened its doors in the 1940s and is the perfect place to come if you like everything related to skiing. The ski center has downhill slopes, as well as cross-country ski trails that stretch for more than 20 miles. The entire ski center stretches along 2,600 acres of land, much of which are lush forests, and there are a variety of slopes for all different levels of skiing ability. To that end, there are more than 200 exhibits on display that are all interactive in nature, and these include pieces such as Turbulent Orb and Bubble Wall.

The reserve covers nearly 300 acres of land and sits at the base of a set of picturesque hills in North Boise. The trails here stretch for more than 150 miles and you can walk, bike or horseback ride along them. Opened in the early 1990s as an open-air market, the capital's public market now has more than 150 vendors from across the Boise area. Located on 50 acres of prime land in Boise, the Idaho Botanical Garden used to be a farm that belonged to the Old Idaho State Penitentiary.

Spread over an impressive 41 acres, Kathryn Albertson Park is known for being one of Boise's parks that also stretches along the river, meaning it has stunning views of the water. The Cultural Center of the Basque Museum & was inaugurated in 1985 and is reputed to be the only Basque museum in the United States. Conveniently located on West Flying Hawk Lane, the World Center for Birds of Prey first opened its doors in the 1980s and is on a mission to protect endangered species. No matter what season you visit, Bogus Basin Recreation Area is a fun place to spend the day.

During the summer, you can go hiking in the mountains, as well as ride the Glade Runner, a mountain roller coaster, as well as summer tubing, climbing walls and a scenic chairlift ride. Boise Art Glass is a glass-producing company located in the historic Bogie's Building on West Front Street in downtown Boise. The state of Boise is in the heart of downtown Boise, making it a breeze to travel on the green belt, spending time in any of the beautiful parks in the area, or going to the zoo. Red Lion Hotel is a 6-minute drive from Boise State University and the heart of downtown Boise.

Boise isn't home to any professional sports team, but it does have some semi-professional sports teams, as well as Boise State athletic programs. Located in the center of the city, is the Boise Centre, Idaho's largest and largest convention facility, a prime location for conferences, meetings, trade shows, receptions and more. Another of the most fun things to do in Boise in the summer is to attend the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. Along the banks of the Boise River, the Boise River Green Belt stretches over 20 miles of refreshing landscapes.

Enjoy panoramic views from the Green Belt of the Boise River, admire contemporary art at the Boise Museum of Art and visit the capital's vibrant public market. Managed by the Boise Parks and Recreation Department, the park spans 11 acres and offers several outdoor facilities and more fun outdoor activities to do in Boise, Idaho. Today, Boise Depot serves as a community center for tours and special events and is one of the fun things to do in Boise, Idaho. Despite its size, the Boise Aquarium has many of the fun things to do in Boise, Idaho that you should definitely experience.

Located on North Garden Street, Boise Trolley Tours offers a variety of guided tours by Boise natives with extensive knowledge of the city's sights. You're lucky if you visit Boise during the summer, as the Idaho Shakespeare Festival features five plays, free green shows and concerts throughout the season. . .